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Rambles from the depth of Steph's mind

13 November 1985
I LOVE Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series. I'm also into Star trek, Star Wars, and taking care of children. Harry Potter is something which still interests me vaguely, but in genreal I've moved on fromt hat fandom. The fics, drabbles, cookies, etc that I write can be found at my other LJ, stephwriting or at my favorite comm's. These days I write stuff mostly for nekid_spike, although I'll try any Buffy ship at least once.

A few things you should know about me if you'er thinking of friending me. My favorite Buffy characters are Drusilla and Oz. If you don't like them at all, we might not have much in common. Also, I do like Riley, just best with someone besides Buffy. Because these days I tend to ship Buffy/Angel/Spike.

This journal is mainly used by me for discussing things going on in my life, or asking friends to give me prompts for writing. Only rarely will I post a writing entry at this LJ. Any entry of fiction I write will be tagged as such.

I'm 22, nearly 23 (next month) and I live in the United States of America. I'm working part time at Walmart Photo Lab, and taking time off from college. If after reading my profile you don't think I'm a complete weirdo, then feel free to friend me. Just comment so that I know you're not a bot. Most of my entries are in fact flcoked, because I'm paranoid about who could be reading.

This manip was made for me by the completely wonderful angelstoy. Because I adore Spike/Dru

This manip was given to me by my darling zoesmith, because I adore Drusilla and this is so pretty.

This manip was for participating in the drinking prompt at the elevator, and was made by the super talented blondebitz

This manip is because angelstoy is wonderful in every way. She made it special for me.

This manip is something the wonderful blondebitz said I could have, and since Spuffy is a favorite pairing of mine how I say no?